Speaker for 30 December 2020: RW. Bro. Alex Herbert, “John Brown: Masonic Myths and Local Connections”

Right Worshipful Brother Alex Herbert hails from the Grand Lodge of Ohio, He served in many capacities within Castle Island Virtual Lodge and in December 6th he was installed as our Senior Warden. He has presented papers in our Lodge as well our sister Virtual Lodge Endeavour Lodge No. 944; United Grand Lodge of Victoria.

RW Bro. Herbert is a Member of the the Royal Scofield Society which is a semi-structured education program that the Grand Lodge of Ohio launched this year. It’s a tiered program consisting of readings, exams, papers, and similar assignments on a variety of topics.


John Brown: Masonic Myths and Local Connections

In the antebellum American Northeast, nothing is what it appears to be: Secret societies and whispered catechisms by moonlight. Shadowy figures stalking back alleys. A cabal of mysterious benefactors. Poets, assassins, insurrectionists, resurrectionists, and even a United States president or three. A civil war that never actually happened – or was that all part of the plan? This presentation of research-in-progress examines the complicated relationship between the abolitionist John Brown and Freemasonry, and the twists of fate that bound his legacy to the Fraternity even after his death.