Message from the Grand Master – April 2021

Greetings Brethren,

The days are getting ever longer. The snow is gone (hopefully) and the calendar reminds us that spring is in the air and we are celebrating the joyous holidays of Easter and Passover.

Spring … the season of rebirth in Nature, is also the season when we plan for the rebirth in our beloved craft, Masonry. Use this time to renew your Masonic friendships through virtual Lodge visits and attending masonic lectures. Use these opportunities to remind yourself of the importance of what we learn through the craft such as filial love. This type of love is categorized as family because it refers to those feelings of affection and attachment that is generated among the members of a family (such as brothers) and that are characterized by being strong and unbreakable. So, as we pause to give thanks to our Creator for all the wonders and joy of life itself, and as the Judeo- Christian calendars signal Passover and then Easter, in that spirit, on behalf of Lady Susan and I, we wish you and yours a most joyous holiday season.

Congratulations again to the following brethren who were appointed to Grand Lodge offices for 2021
– 2022:

Grand Secretary MWB Kristjan Goodmanson
Grand Librarian RWB Brian Rountree
Grand Historian RWB John Drew
Grand Archivist RWB Richard Lacoursiere
Grand Chaplain RWB Dennis Henney

Susan and I wish that you and those you love be blessed with good health and great accomplishments, now and in the days to come. May Brotherly love prevail, may the Great Architect watch over all of us in these challenging times and keep us safe from harm. May our Masonic achievements these past few years be multiplied many times in the months to come and may we all enjoy peace now and forever more.

Have a blessed Passover and Easter.

With most sincere fraternal regards and best wishes,

Gordon E. S. Fardoe
Grand Master