Message from the East – September 2020


The eve of our September meeting is closing upon us quickly and 2020 continues to show surprises around the World and within the Fraternity.  Whether you are in an area with increasing or decreasing virus numbers, participation in your home brick and mortal Lodge is probably still somewhat limited.  Castle Island Lodge No. 190 however, continues to serve the Craft as it’s founding members envisioned, serving masons around the world without interruption.

This has not gone without notice from Grand Jurisdictions around the World.  Visitations and inquiries into our Lodge and it’s work have increased tenfold in the past couple months.  While this attention has increased scrutiny, it has also increased admiration and imitation. Lodges and Grand Lodges around the World are emulating our practices to keep Masonry practicing within their membership and to keep Masonry active in their Jurisdictions.  Just as our Charter Members looked to do so with Masons when separated by distance from their home Lodges.

Masons has overcome many challenges over the centuries and will continue to adapt and survive.  Castle Island notwithstanding will also adapt and survive.  We have some very knowledgeable Brothers working to keep Castle Island on the cutting age of technology and Masonry.  We will continue to bring some of the best and brightest of Masonic lecturers to our meetings for the education of Masons throughout the World.

Your participation in our meetings are all the well-deserved wages needed by our Officers that work so hard to keep this Lodge moving forward and bringing you the quality education each month.

Thank you for your participation in our Virtual Masonic Work.


W. Bro. Roger C. Biede III
2020 Master
Castle Island Virtual Lodge No. 190