Message from the East – October 2018


As the North winds bring Fall and the changing of the leaves Canada, we see some changes in Castle Island Virtual Lodge and its Officers. We have a clear direction forward within the Core officers. I have been a honoured to server as Master of Castle Island for the past three years. It has been terrific to see the lodge grow in all aspects, both Affiliated members and visitors. Our brand is now established and we have a quality Educational Lodge.

Milestones within CIV Lodge:

  • 4 Web Platforms
  • Visiting brethren in a single meeting over 90 participants
  • Visitors from 5 continents
  • Six Podcasts to broadcast – Who we are
  • Facebook followers @ 159

And to twist from JFK’s speech…ask “What have you done for Masonry? Done for your Lodge?” The Lodge is yours, yours to mould and yours to enjoy. As master, I am only a caretaker, the Lodge is its members, your strength is its strength — contributions from all Brothers make it ‘run smoothly’.

The future of our Lodge is bright with growth and evolution on the horizon.


Worshipful Brother Nicholas Laine
Master 2015-2019