Message from the East – May 2019


In the Arizona first degree lecture, the ritual talks about uniting men of every country, sect, and opinion, causing true friendship to exist among those who might have remained at a perpetual distance. While this line surely has come to fruition in my Masonic career, never has it been more apparent than while attending the virtual meetings with Castle Island. What an incredible group of men this platform assembles from around the world, all coming together in the name of Masonic fellowship. A variety of men of all ages, nationalities, and opinions joining from around the world to share education, stories, and friendships. I am deeply honored to be the Master of the Lodge, however the true treasure is to share Masonic Communication with some of the best the Fraternity has to offer. I hope that in the coming years we all look to take advantage of this…. to learn…. and to share for the betterment of Masonry around the globe. We have the opportunity to continue something special and influence the Fraternity for generations to come.

For the May Meeting, I have asked a good friend and amazing Masonic researcher and author, W Bro. Jaime Paul Lamb to speak about some f his favorite topics, Ceremonial Magick and Masonry. I hope that you join us for this great presentation and hopefully learn something you had not known before!


W Bro. Roger Biede