Message from the East – March 2021


I would like to request your attendance to our March 2021 Stated Communication.

You are no doubt aware that many lodges throughout Canada and Europe are still closed due to COVID19 restrictions.  However, our wonderful little Lodge continues to operate by spreading Masonic Light and Knowledge around the globe.  We bring a fantastic lodge experience to those Brothers that would be normally be left to be in darkness during this time.

Your lodge offices have been busy working on plans to really make this virtual lodge a unique and positive experience, and I hope that with each meeting you will be even more eager to attend again in the future.

Our speaker for this meeting will be Brother Joe Martinez from Virginia.  His topic for the presentation will be “The Osirian Mythos and Freemasonry.”  This sounds like it will be a very interesting presentation and I hoe that you wilt be able to attend.  Remember that will will also have an open forum after the presentation to as questions, etc.

As always, it is my honor to serve as your Worshipful Master and I look forward to seeing you this meeting to share in the experience of fellowship that only our Lodge can provide.

Sincerely and Fraternally,


Worshipful Brother Brett A. Gordon
Castle Island Virtual Lodge No. 190