Message from the East – January 2020


Welcome to 2020 and a New Year at Castle Island Virtual Lodge! It has been an amazing couple of years for the Lodge, led by some amazing men and by some amazing Masons. They have taken this lodge from just an idea on paper to a growing, thriving Lodge that is well prepared for the future.

Plans for the coming year involve completing a long-range plan with the committee to better plan and navigate the future, adding content to our website for members and visitors, and creating a business model for future virtual Lodges to reference and follow. With Virtual Lodges forming around the world, the integration of resources and material (particularly through a joint website/education portal system) between our lodge, the Endeavour Virtual Lodge and other research lodges across the world is of vital importance. As Junior Warden Aquilina says, “CIVL is going to be the torch bearer for Masonic research, education, discussion and reform for the years ahead”, and we are at the leading edge.

It is an exciting time for Castle Island and I hope that you are excited as I am about the year and the future! Thank you for joining us and if you ever have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please reach out!

W Bro. Roger Biede