Message from the East – April 2020


I send you this greeting to you during these troubling times.  If you are like most of the world, you are hunkered down at home or at work practicing social distancing.  It is unlike anything most of us have ever experienced in our lifetime.  Hopefully you are all healthy in body and mind.

As I write this most Lodges are realizing the advantages and usefulness of what Castle Island Virtual Lodge already knew, that virtual meetings are a viable alternative to brick and mortal Lodges when meeting in one place is not an option.  Many Lodges around the world are not only doing their own business meetings via virtual meetings, but also are conducting quality education programs with it’s members after realizing its usefulness.  As Masons start to understand the concept, our Lodge has received an unprecedented amount of inquiries regarding visitation and affiliation to our Lodge.  Our reputation for the quality of our Lodge does precede us.

This month I am really looking forward to continuing our 2020 Education series, this month’s presentation is sure to be a great one as W Bro. Daniel Molina of Hibiscus Lodge No. 275 F&AM of Miami Florida.

Looking forward to seeing you in Lodge.


Roger C. Biede III
2020 Master
Castle Island Virtual Lodge No.190